Sunbeds & Tanning Booths

Whether you want a deep, dark island tan or a light gorgeous glow, ULTRATAN salons have the perfect tanning solution to help you meet your goals. Our large variety of cutting-edge indoor tanning beds range from advanced time-saving stand-up beds, quick high intensity bronzing beds to relaxing 20-minute beds. For an even full body and face tan, ULTRATAN has you covered. We can also help you find the perfect indoor tanning lotion and other tanning products for any skin type for optimal results, available at every ULTRATAN tanning salon.

Achieve an all-around great tan in less time in our vertical UV tanning beds.

  • Exposure time: 10 minutes
  • 360 degrees of evenly distributed tanning power
  • Tans those hard to reach places with less time and effort
  • Features 200 watt lamps for complete head-to-toe coverage
  • Stand-up convenience with advanced body cooling and integrated facial cooling system
  • Equivalent to 8 hours in the sun from one tanning session

High-level horizontal tanning beds offer a wide array of instantly customizable features to help you achieve your perfect natural-looking tan in a fraction of the time.

  • Exposure time: 10-12 minutes
  • 360 degrees of evenly distributed tanning power
  • Multi-relax acrylic and open-air design allow for a cool, airy environment to maximize your tanning experience
  • The most powerful sunbed available anywhere
  • Gives you a long-lasting tan so you do not have to tan as often
  • 600-800 watt reflector lamps with built-in air conditioning for comfort
  • Results last up to 7 days and produces a nice bronzed glow
  • Four high-level facial bronzers that adjust to your preferred level of exposure
  • Delivers the most bronzing rays
  • Internal air conditioning system to keep you cool and comfortable

New Hybrid Tanning Equipment with Red-Light LED Technology

  • Traditional UV light with the addition of red light in the same lamp
  • Provides a more natural-looking tan and longer-lasting color
  • Improved direct pigmentation
  • 32 red light LED’s for red light only facial session

*Equipment varies per location.

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Not sure if sunbeds are right for you?  Try sunless spray tanning!

Cocktail Tanning

Create a beautiful and instant tan by combining a sunbed tanning session with a customized Mystic Tan or Versaspa sunless spray tan immediately after. The UV rays from the tanning bed will generate the production of melanin and open your pores, allowing for the spray tan solution to better saturate your skin. This will help you get a deeper, darker and longer lasting tan.