Sunless Booths

With sunless spray tanning, you get natural looking results perfectly matched to your skin tone with just one tanning session.  Unlike airbrush tanning, using a spray tanning machine allows full privacy, avoids tan lines, and is very affordable.  Your first spray tan at an ULTRATAN tanning salon is only $15.95!

Make sure to visit your local ULTRATAN salon to check out our amazing selection of sunless tanning products for all skin tones.  It’s best to exfoliate before your session and moisturize after to extend the life of your spray tan.  You can also try a self tanner to get a natural glow at home.

Step into one of our Mystic booths and experience the ultimate in sunless tanning. Mystic Tan is the original sunless tanning system.

  • Spray on your tan in about a minute
  • Natural uniform tan and even fade
  • Multi-pass gentle sweeping spray for complete coverage
  • Sweeping side-to-side application
  • Heated, comfortable environment
  • Step-by-step audio instructions
  • Choose light, medium, or dark for your desired color
  • Customizable with different enhancers such as added bronzer, scents, and accelerators


Achieve that just-off-the-beach color with VersaSpa, the next generation of sunless spray tanning

  • Three spray nozzles for even coverage
  • Open booth, warm environment
  • Four solution drawers to provide just the amount of color you want
  • Automated voice instructions
  • Offers countess spray possibilities

*Equipment varies per location. Spray tans are cosmetic only and do not provide protection from the sun’s UV rays.

Not sure if sunless tanning is right for you? Check out our sunbeds and tanning booths!

Cocktail Tanning

Create a beautiful and instant tan by combining a sunbed tanning session with a customized Mystic Tan or Versaspa sunless spray tan immediately after. The UV rays from the tanning bed will generate the production of melanin and open your pores, allowing for the spray tan solution to better saturate your skin. This will help you get a deeper, darker and longer lasting tan.