Are Indoor Tanning Lotions Necessary for Tanning Beds?

If you want quick and even results from a tanning bed or booth, then you need to use a high quality tanning lotion designed specifically for the indoor tanning industry.  Indoor tanning products not only maximize and accelerate your results by boosting your melanin production which gives you more color, but most importantly they replace essential nutrients, minerals and lost moisture to keep your skin healthy and radiant. This will help your tan last longer because moisturized skin stays hydrated and doesn’t exfoliate as quickly.  Tanning lotions also contain antioxidants to shield free radical damage, and many include amazing skin care ingredients like anti-aging and firming properties.

Can I use outdoor oils or lotions when tanning indoors?

Outdoor tanning oils or lotions should never be used for indoor tanning. They usually contain SPF that will block UV rays from the sunbed and inhibit your tan. Additionally, they contain ingredients that create a film on the acrylic of the sunbed, damaging the acrylic material and blocking the ultraviolet rays from getting to your skin. SPF is not needed while tanning indoors because it is a controlled environment with limited exposure. Your trained tanning consultant will assist you in selecting an appropriate tanning time for your skin tone which will prevent over exposure.

Which type of tanning lotion should I use?

There are various types of indoor tanning products with different uses and benefits.  Choose one or more based off the tanning goals you’re looking to accomplish and your own personal preferences and needs.  

Indoor Tanning Lotions

Accelerators & Intensifiers-  Often the best choice for new tanners, an accelerator or intensifier will stimulate your skin cells to generate melanin, helping you get a natural looking glow faster.  It will also hydrate your skin to ensure quick and even results, helping you get the most out of your tanning session.

Bronzers– A great choice for advanced tanners who may have plateaued or anyone looking for an extra boost of color even faster.  Many bronzers contain DHA (dihydroxyacetone), which is a sugar-based ingredient that tints your skin with a brown color. The bronze color develops over 2-3 hours and will last a few days until the dead skin cells shed.  There are also cosmetic bronzers which are sometimes added to a DHA bronzer which provides an instant color, but also washes off.  These are used when you don’t want to wait 24-48 hours for your natural tan to develop.

Tingle Lotions– For more advanced tanners as they are the most intense tanning lotions.  You’ll feel a tingle on your skin as it works to increase oxygen and blood circulation.  This accelerates the production of melanin (the pigment that colors your skin), providing an even deeper, darker, and longer lasting tan.  Tingle lotions are not recommended for beginners or those with sensitive skin.

Facial Lotions– Provides all the benefits of other tanning lotions, but designed to be used on the face and neck with more gentle ingredients.  Facial tanning lotions include other skin care properties as well.

Tan Extender- Intended for after your tanning session, a high quality tan extender will keep your skin supple and soft, lengthening the life of your tan.  Your skin is constantly rejuvenating itself by shedding dead skin, and dry skin will flake off and fade your tan more quickly. Dry skin will also reflect light instead of absorbing it which dulls the look of your tan.

As you can see, it’s worth it to use indoor tanning lotions for all the benefits and results they provide.  You’ll find a wide variety of each of these types of tanning products at any ULTRATAN tanning salon in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Savannah, GA.  You can even find sunless tanning products and self tanners to get a gorgeous glow at home!  Come in and see for yourself, and one of our certified tanning specialists would be happy to help you find the perfect lotion for you.